5 Kinds of Sarees that You Must Feel Proud to Possess in Your Collection


Sarees are the most beloved items in our closet and our prized possessions too. But there are some kinds of sarees which are an absolute must have in your collection and you should be proud of them too. Here we make a list which ones they are and why.

1.       Cotton sarees-

Well, comfort comes first and cotton sarees are downright the most comfortable ones. A light cotton saree is all you need to look fashionably correct and yet stay comfortable on a sultry day. Moreover, a cotton saree is the one of the most basic things that should be in a woman’s wardrobe. No matter in what profession you are a cotton saree is acceptable everywhere and thus whenever you are in doubt what to wear, just drape a beautiful cotton saree and you are at your best look to present in front of your colleagues and seniors. To add a modern touch you can go for half and half saree too. It is simple as well as formal and one of the most versatile garments in the whole world. So a light cotton saree is the first saree that you should possess and be proud about it.

2.      Heirloom saree-

An heirloom saree is the one that once your grandmother proudly possessed and then your mother and now it has been handed down to you to keep the tradition alive. Those pure silk or brocade sarees with fine, intricate detailing of zari work or aari work are the purest form of traditional art forms and such vintage specimens are to be treasured proudly. Those should be worn on very special occasions and getting clad in one is a matter of extreme pride and prestige. It won’t be an exaggeration to call them vintage editions of oldest indian designer sarees. And to be true, even fashion designers are exploring these precious sarees to innovate and bring back the vintage tastes.

3.      Silk sarees-

The next kind of saree you must have is a silk saree. There are various kinds of silks available, like the very light pure silks, Assam silks, tussar silks, South Indian silks, etc. Pure silks in light and small prints are best for formal occasions. You can also buy designer sarees in silk for a classy and delightful appearance. Having a spectacular Kanjeevaram silk in your collection too is a matter of pride. Those are the traditional sarees India is famous for and you must have such magnificent traditional weaves to be the true Indian woman.

4.      Bollywood sarees-

The Bollywood sarees collection India is grand and exquisite and has amazed people outside India too. The world has saluted the glamour of Bollywood sarees and if your own one, be proud of it. If you don’t then it is a must do task for you is to invest in Bollywood sarees online India and be a proud owner of the haute Indian couture.

5.      Printed chiffon sarees-

Printed chiffon sarees are once again essential items in your closet. They are light weight, easy to drape and carry and extremely fashionable too. You must have some in contemporary floral prints, animal prints or geometric prints, patterns, motifs or in half and half style for a chic and ethnic look to any casual event. You can grace any event if you have a pastel shaded pure chiffon saree, a solid colour sleeveless blouse and a chic locket or pearl set. It is the classiest combination ever.

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