Innovate Your Bridal Look and Explore Options for Each Ceremony


Wedding is the perfect occasion for a woman to look OHh-so pretty and fulfill her dreams. Fashion is an integral part of wedding for women and wedding fashion in India has a significance of its own. Though most families love to keep things traditional but you can always infuse tradition with modernity and come up with things that are really exciting, especially for the younger generation. Indian clothing is no longer considered boring and outdated and thanks to the designer outfits which have given a thousand of reasons and options to innovate, Indian clothing has again reached the pinnacle of popularity and grandeur it truly deserves. Here we discuss certain ways in which you can step aside from the norms and innovate with your bridal look while staying truly traditional.

Lehengas have been traditionally chosen for each and every wedding ceremony but with changing times and trends you can surely innovative and think something out of the box. Instead of sarees and lehengas you can try Indian Bollywood anarkali suits for your engagement ceremony. Bollywood anarkalis look extremely gorgeous and can be a heavenly choice for a perfect engagement ceremony. You may try those long, flowing floor-length ones that have the look of an English gown. If you can buy designer anarkali suits in white or ivory with lace work, things cannot get any more perfect than that. Since Bollywood anarkalis are themselves so gorgeous and eye-catching keep the attention focused on them by keeping your hair tied in a simple braid or bun and do not wear too much of jewellery.

Haldi ceremonies are usually kept simple and low key but with the influence of Bollywood glamour and extravaganza some families prefer to have a grand haldi ceremony too with everyone dressing up in yellow as the unsaid theme. You can sport a plain and simple yellow chiffon saree and team it up with a sleeveless golden blouse to look simple as well as drop dead gorgeous for even a simple haldi ceremony.

The grandest occasion in an Indian wedding next to the actual wedding day is the day of the sangeet ceremony. People never miss to keep a rocking sangeet ceremony and the more affluent the family is the grander is the sangeet. This ceremony with all its fun, song and dance gives a chance to explore and innovate that you cannot try on the wedding day. Since you are usually expected to stick to traditional getup on the day of the wedding, you can explore bolder options for the sangeet. Things like a backless choli or a stringed back choli would be great. Try looking for the best and the latest designer options of Indian lehengas online. You may also go for the most attractive and scintillating Bollywood sarees. For instance the electric blue saree and the copper-gold sleeveless blouse sported by Deepika Padukone in the song Badtameez Dil can be a mind blowing option for the sangeet.

Viscose & georgette border & zari work black anarkali suit

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