Exhibit your Traditional Side in Formal Occasions with Salwar Kameez


Considered as one of the most stunning ethnic outfit in Indian traditional wear, salwar suits are one of the most popularly worn Indian attire. Originated basically from the regions around Punjab and Pakistan, these dresses have comparatively loose fittings and come in various styles. With evolving fashion and fusion of various cultural and tradition, there are plethora of designs that you will come across when you go for salwar suit online shopping. Adding to graciousness of this dress, there is a dupatta that you can wear in any way you please to.

There are various occasions and events that we often need to attend such as wedding party, reception, cocktail parties, office parties and many others. But if you particularly want to stick to traditional attire there are 5 different kinds of salwar suits which you can adorn for formal events:

Designer Salwar Kameez

If you buy online salwar suits for formal events, you can buy designer salwar kameez which provides you with the luxury of good quality fabrics, flattering cuts and interesting designs. Available in a wide range of colours, fabrics and patterns, these salwar kameez give you an elegant and apt look for the event.

Embroidered Salwar Kameez

Adding feature and detail to the dress, embroidered salwar kameez can a great outfit for a formal event. The work of gold and silver embroidery can also be seen on some of the best designer sarees. Choosing a subtle embroidered outfit is advisable instead of sparkly ones. Use of these embroideries highlights the particular body parts that where it is done hence get the design wisely on your outfit.

Beaded Salwar Kameez

Beads are usually materials that are used to add patterns and accents on the dress. Decorative in look, they are suitable for wearing on formal occasions. Along with the addition of texture, sparkle and colour, beaded salwar kameez creates bold fashion statement with elegance.

Quality Fabric Salwar Suits

While choosing a salwar kameez for a certain corporate or formal event, choosing luxury fabrics such as silk, chiffon, velvet and satin will help in enhancing the look of your dress and you as a whole. Just like the other traditional and non-traditional dresses like skirt, sarees, pants, lehenga and half sarees online shopping consideration of fabric quality is essential.

Embellished Salwar Kameez

Elaborate embellishment on salwar suits such as detailed embroidery, hand-sewn crystals, scalloped neckline and various such things will make your dress look decorative but apt for the occasion and event.

Georgette floral print off white & pink unstitched long anarkali suit

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