Diwan Saheb ad campaign for 2014-2015 wins Campaign of the Year award at Excellence in Delhi


 The Diwan Saheb ad campaign for 2014-15 has won the Campaign of the Year award at the Delhi Advertising Club's Excellence in Advertising Awards. This campaign is a reflection of the new Indian family and it celebrates togetherness as well as individuality.

Diwan Saheb has been advertising for 20 years and began decades before retail became big, with a vision to create a brand for men, comprising ethnic ensembles and formal wear. 
As per the brand representatives, "Year on year, our campaigns have reflected this beauty, celebration, relationship and grandeur. The winning campaign of 2014-15 delved into the world of marriages. It showcased how Indian weddings have become larger-than-life and dressing up has evolved into a joyous celebration for the modern day family."

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