Ekmatra redefines khadi store


With the growth of consciousness and demand for biodegradable and organic fabrics, Ekmatra, a premium line of khadi apparel for both genders is redefining the way one looks at the handmade fabric. Manufactured and marketed by the UP-based non-profit organization Sarvoday Ashram in Etah Ekmatra means ‘One and Only’ in Hindi. Contemporary, green, biodegradable and a soothing natural product that is not only comfortable but also practical as everyday clothes, Ekmatra defines the Ashram’s response to the worldwide challenge of creating a sustainable alternative through handmade textiles.

Following the Gandhian philosophy of simplicity, Sarvoday Ashram’s Ekmatra infuses subtlety and elegance into their apparel, creating India’s first truly luxury khadi brand. Sarvoday Ashram, sells Khadiline brand and has been actively campaigning for the use of khadi clothes in India for over 60 years. The organization which at a point in time, had trustees like Acharya Kriplani and Lal Bahadur Shastri, presently operates 14 Khadiline outlets pan-India. These outlets sell khadi wear, with their prices varying in the range of Rs 500 to 1,000. The organization presently employs around 500 weavers and 5,000 spinners who churn out around 50,000 meters of khadi fabric each year.

Partho P Kar, Trustee of the organization said that, with the launch of the new brand they intend to link the modern generation with heritage. Hence, they need to make their products in a way that, they appeal to today’s youth. He further stated that, under the Ekmatra brand, the trust would sell premium khadi wear both for men and women, with their price varying between Rs. 1,000 to Rs 6,000. The brand would particularly target the urban customers in the age group 33 years and above.

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