Tips on whats hot this season and whats not that will help you buy saree for women


A saree for us is a symbol of Indian tradition and culture and now it’s a fashion quotient too. The age old sarees which has marked its importance since times immortal has emerged out to be the most stylish outfit and for this we must give credit to the designers who are adding new dimensions. The unique way we drape the 9 yards has surpassed any other outfit that exist in the world. Such is the charm; such is the magic of sarees. Foreigners who visit India are often seen going crazy for the drapery they learn the trick and drape it.

Today we will tell you whats hot this season. The below styled sarees are definitely hip, they are modern and they are contemporary too, not to forget they are too bold!!

Lehenga styled designer saree: As name suggests it’s a blend of 2 famous outfits’ saree and lehenga. Lehenga saree is stylish and glamorous it’s a way to wear the most iconic drapery saree. Best part is you don’t have to pleat just drape on waist and pull of the pallu on shoulder and you will look wow!

Designer half and half sarees: These sarees are usually a blend of 2 fabrics with 2 toned color wherein the 1 saree comes in 2 fabrics shoulder pallu will be in different fabric and the pleated section comes in total different fabric and color. The best part is not only does it steals attention of all but these sarees come in great color combinations like red with beige, black with red, green with yellow, all the iconic combinations you will find in half and half sarees. Buy such designer sarees and make all other ladies envy your stylish looks.

Pleated or  prestiched-sarees: These sarees are highly in vogue not only these are easy to drape but also looks ravishing. You might have seen Shilpa shetty, Deepika wearing such sarees, the pleats are well stitched and they are highlighted by embellishments to draw attention and look simply stunning. In this style mostly the pleated section is either fully embroidered or the color is 2 toned to make saree look super hot.

Narrowed pallu or butterfly pallu sarees: Bollywood sarees are not only for divas in fact you can also wear such super hot sarees and look glamorous. You might have seen Divas sporting the narrowed pallu sarees which has lots of detailing on shoulder area usually the saree is narrowed down on shoulder its hemmed in such a way that it shows off your slim waist.

These are few sarees that are trending so buy designer sarees online by using the above tips. Buy designer sarees online and change the way you dress up its time you upgrade yourself with the most stylish sarees. Buy saree for women easily online you will get all the above mentioned styles of sarees easily at

Deepika padukone 60 gm georgette border work black bollywood style saree

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