Amazon Opens Global ECommerce Markets to exporters Topple Walmart in 2015


Amazon on Tuesday announced the launch of its Global Selling Program in India, opening doors for Indian businesses to export to e-commerce markets of the world.

Amazon is extending two of its pioneering products – Selling On Amazon (SOA) and Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) – to businesses of all sizes and scale from across the country to go global and showcase their “Made in India” creations and products to hundreds of millions of customers, starting with the US and the UK, by listing it on and

Manufacturers and local brands can export products in the Apparel, Home Furnishing (including Indian Handicrafts), Jewellery, Books, Collectibles, Sporting Goods, Handbags, Shoes and Health & Beauty products categories.

Reducing barriers

“Amazon today offers businesses unprecedented reach to customers around the globe. No longer are they bound by geography with access to Amazon’s 270 million-plus active customers worldwide. In fact, sellers on Amazon from more than 100 different countries around the world have fulfilled orders to customers in 185 countries utilising our FBA service.

“Our Global Selling Program in India is designed to assist Indian manufacturers & businesses to grow their business by leveraging Amazon’s state-of-the-art technology, world class logistics infrastructure and customer service expertise,” said Chad Goelzer, Director Global Sales for Amazon.

Local solutions

To enable businesses take Indian creations to the world, Amazon will provide local enablement solutions through verified third party service providers. These initiatives include logistics partners, tax consultants and compliance experts to make the process of global selling smooth and friction-free.

Amazon’s global selling team also helps them understand local demand patterns, while also helping sellers improve the discoverability of their products on each marketplace. Hidesign, one of India’s most popular high-end fashion brands, has successfully leveraged the Amazon Global Selling program to expand its reach in the US and the UK.

Cost effective

Vikas Kapur, CEO of Hidesign America Inc, says, “Global Selling is a fantastic opportunity for Indian brands and manufacturers because it allows us to sidestep the distributor and sell directly to customers around the globe and at much lower prices.”

Amit Deshpande, Director Seller Services, Amazon India, said, “We look forward to helping businesses navigate through the complexities of selling globally and develop an international footprint by leveraging the enormous demand for their products across borders and thus transform the way India makes and sells.”


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