Strike at footwear factory in China


The biggest sports shoe maker globally, Chinese firm Yue Yuen Industrial Holdings Ltd revealed today that due to alterations to production processes, thousands of employees at a factory have gone on strike.

Yue Yuen manufactures shoes for Adidas and Nike, and a range of other popular brands. Investor relations director at the firm Jerry Shum revealed that 4,000-5,000 staff were protesting, but that all would be rectified within a few days hopefully, and that the situation was under control. Only about 2-3 per cent of Yue Yuen's China-based employees were involved, so no effect to the work schedule had been made, Shun reassured:

"Due to changes in the economic environment, we need to reorganise some of the production. As a consequence, workers are not very happy to see the change in the production...and that led to some disagreement."


Adidas have not commented on the strike, while a Nike representative said they were not aware of its existence.

A strike was abandoned last year at Yue Yuen, when the manufacturer agreed to meet a selection of requests made my staff. It made clear attempts to provide more options to consumers that were keen to save money, and that the catalyst for the revamp of its production process was the economic environment. Shum stated:

"If people are concerned about cost, then they are going to consider other countries as well. It is driven by the economic environment that leads to some changes occurring within China".

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