Startup Baxiboy Media launches personal GPS tracker Gubloos


Delhi-based startup Baxiboy Media Pvt. Ltd., a company founded by former Webchutney Partner and President Rahul Nanda, has launched a personal GPS tracker called Gubloos that features an SOS button, realtime position tracking, 2-way voice communication, over-speeding alert, fall detection, safe zones feature and a motion alarm  feature, among others.

The device is equipped with speakers, an SOS button, a microSIM slot, microphone, power and call buttons, as well as various indicator LEDs. The SOS button can be configured to call or SMS a preset contact. It supports GPS and GLONASS and has an accelerometer as well. It can be tracked through Gubloos’s online platform or through SMS, while the accelerometer helps detect if the device is in an overspeeding vehicle or if a person is falling down among other things.

The device has a GPS chip embedded that uses the Global Satellite network to ping its position (or GPS coordinates). It sends these coordinates via SMS to your phone or via GPRS (Data Internet) to the online platform for people to view. Then the company uses Google Maps to convert these coordinates into a map positioning.


The device will work anywhere in the world as long as there is GSM connectivity available there. Just like in mobile phone, the connectivity, roaming & international charges may be applicable to a local SIM connection. The company claims on an average the data usage of a SIM card installed comes to Rs 100 – 150 including SMS, voice and GPRS data charges.

Gubloos sports a 900mAh lithium polymer battery which charges via a micro USB port. The company claims a battery life of 4-5 days with moderate usage. The standby time for the battery is 420 hours. It claims to be water resistant and to be able to withstand temperatures of -20C to +80C. It also claims the battery life lasts for 4-5 days with moderate usage with a standby time of 420 hours. The device currently comes in four colors including charcoal black, blue, pink and green and is priced at Rs 4999.

Eventhough, there are many mobile apps available which try to provide the same functionality, the company said that "most of these apps are not user-friendly or usable at all, at the time of an emergency. Secondly, gubloos is made specifically for this purpose. All it takes is a simple click of the button to initiate an SoS signal. Third, the device brings in a level of redundancy to your safety by being a back-up cellular connection. We are confident that these reasons itself are enough to convince you to buy this device for your loved ones." The company also provides atleast 6 months, if not 1 year of warranty.

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