Samsung launches new flagship phones


Samsung has unveiled two flagship phones to compete with the recently launched iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, incorporating a screen on the latter which curves around the device’s sides.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge curved screen will be used to provide important information to the user, as well as bring up the details of contacts selected by the user. This feature sits alongside an overhaul of the design and construction of the Edge and the standard Galaxy S6, which had been codenamed “project zero,” reflecting the company’s desire to correct what it called previous “missteps.”

The phones are now built from metal and glass, instead of the plastic used previously. This design aspect was chosen to elevate the device to a more premium feel, although Samsung has had to forego a number of key features. The devices will no longer be waterproof, will not have user-upgradeable storage and the casing to the rear will not be removable, meaning that users cannot switch out batteries.


An upgrade of the camera systems, sees a five megapixel front camera and a 16 megapixel rear camera both with enhanced aperture ranges, meaning better quality images in low-light conditions. Samsung also touted the “double-tap” functionality of the phone’s home button, which launches the camera in under a second.

Samsung is also claiming a “world first” with support for both PMA and WPC’s Qi wireless charging standards, which are backed by a superfast charging feature, which generates 50 per cent of the battery’s total capacity in less than half an hour, half the time, the company said, it would take to achieve the same result on an iPhone 6.

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