Coupon sites gaining prominence among net users in India: ComScore


Digital marketing intelligence firm comScore’s latest report for the month of June reveals that about 10 per cent of the online population in India accessed coupon sites. The report revealed that 4.6 million Internet users aged 15 or above had accessed these coupon sites either from home or work location.

Among the online coupon category, emerged as the leader with nearly 1.5 million unique visitors in June 2011. It was followed by the Smile group portal, (990,000 visitors) and (952,000 visitors), with both attracting about one million online unique visitors in the month.

Other websites that followed included (586,000), (429,000), Living Social (409,000), (245,000), (194,000), (110,000) and (57,000).

Commenting on the report, Kedar Gavane, comScore director for India, said, “In the past several months, deal sites have seen their audiences increase significantly as the global online coupon trend has taken root in India.”

“The convenience of the online channel couple with enticing deals has attracted a growing number of visitors to the Coupon category and to daily deal sites, in particular. Consumer adoption of these types of deal sites could be an important step in the overall growth of e-commerce in India, which has traditionally lagged behind other global markets,” he added.

A demographic analysis of the audience for coupon sites revealed that males made up a significantly larger percentage of category audience at 61.8 percent compared to 38.2 percent females, although this is largely in line with India’s total Internet population. Persons between the ages of 25-34 accounted for the largest percentage of the Coupon category audience at 43 percent and were 5 percent more likely to access a coupon site compared to an average Internet user.

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