YouTube to launch a child-friendly version of its video app for mobile devices


YouTube will reportedly launch a new child-friendly version of its service for mobile devices on Monday.

According to a TechCrunch report, initially, the app will be available for Android and in the U.S. only. However, it brings to light the company’s ambition to develop its service beyond just being the world’s largest repository of online videos. It already has its ‘Music Key’ service, and an ad-free version is reportedly on its way also.

The kids app will surface content suitable for youngsters, and according to the TechCrunch report, it will include a number of parental control features, such as a limiter that restricts the time of each session, and a sound toggle for muting and un-muting videos.

The app will ship with content from a range of partners from the entertainment industry, including Jim Henson TV, DreamWorks, National Geographic, and a range of high-profile influencers on YouTube.


The app will also offer curated options to help find videos easily. Dedicated channels and playlists that span TV shows, learning experiences, exploration and music will also be available.

Last month, Twitter’s Vine app introduced a special service that lets kids safely enjoy video clips without any potential harm.Twitter's Vine Kids, an app available on iOS, curates content so kids are only exposed to warm and fuzzy video bits.

Vine has been a key component of Twitter since the social media network acquired the video platform in 2012. While Twitter has held onto the service and leaned on it for video, the social networking site has branched out from Vine's six-second video to release more robust tools for the Twitter app.

Just a few days before the Vine division released Vine Kids, Twitter unveiled the camera component of its app.

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