Finally, Twitter adds translation tool to its website and mobile apps

Twitter has officially added Bing Translator to its site, mobile apps for iOS and Android, and TweetDeck.

Once users activate the tool in their account setting, they will see a little globe icon next to tweets in different languages. A translation appears below the original tweet once the globe is clicked, reports TechCrunch. An easy translation tool could potentially help companies that do marketing on Twitter reach more users without having to create separate accounts for different languages.

Twitter announced today that machine translations may be less than accurate, so it will display the original text above its translated version.


Along with its translation tool, it has also launched its “While You Were Away” recap feature, which differs dramatically from the real-time experience Twitter is known for, and helps users to avoid missing out on conversations and tweets.

According to the report, the company has run several experiments with the translation tool over the past few years, including adding the feature to TweetDeck earlier this month.

Recently, Twitter announced the acquisition of ZipDial, a company that lets consumers call a number, hang up before they incur charges, and then receive a phone call or SMS with information about a business.

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