Asda announces extension of food waste initiative


UK supermarket chain Asda announced its intention to extend its initiative to target manufacturer-generated food waste on Sunday.

Asda hopes the use of its FareShare distribution network will be able to redistribute food otherwise wasted, with the supermarket chain committing £200,000 to the cost of transporting 2,600 tonnes of food to the 1,700 charities in FareShare’s network.

Since launching its partnership with Fareshare in April 2013, Asda has diverted 855 tonnes of surplus frozen food stock, in turn helping create over two million meals for people experiencing food poverty.


However, FareShare estimates there are in excess of 300,000 tonnes of surplus food fit for consumption existing at manufacturer, brand owner and processor stages within the UK, with most becoming surplus for reasons including overproduction, errors in forecasting, incorrect labelling and damaged packaging.

Commenting on the initiative’s extension, FareShare chief executive Lindsay Boswell said, “This is a major breakthrough and Asda’s support will enable more food businesses to give us more surplus food to support more charities and community projects to feed more people in need. It really is that much of a game changer.”

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