Shopify merchants to increase mobile sales with new MartMobi partnership


MartMobi has partnered with Shopify to bring compelling mobile experiences to its merchants. With this pre-built integration, merchants can now easily acquire an immediate presence on smartphones and tablets.

The MartMobi platform provides mobile, tablet sites and native Android and iOS apps."As mobile traffic continues to grow, going mobile is the next logical step for us to have a direct channel to engage with our customers who now shop on the move,” says Raghunadhan Saraf of InSaraf, a highly successful online furniture store.

Mobile commerce is booming in India. More than 5 million internet users are added every month, and all of them are on mobile. In fact, more than half of all Indian internet users are on mobile. Industry analysts expect more than 70% of online sales to happen on mobile in the near future.



Ajay Kulkarni, the marketing head of OnlineTemple where customers can purchase prasad online says, “For businesses to be successful in e-commerce, they need to have a strong mobile presence. 40% of our business is driven by mobile and the balance is only going to shift further towards mobile. MartMobi's mobile optimized website and native apps have given us a tremendous push in that direction.”

Hundreds of Shopify merchants across the world use MartMobi to enhance their mobile offering and to dramatically increase their sales. MartMobi cuts down development time of mobile sites and apps from 16 weeks to less than one week. It also brings down the cost from lakhs of rupees to Rs. 1,800 per month. Several successful Indian Shopify merchants such as Postergully and madinindia are already benefitting from the MartMobi platform. “With mobile commerce hitting 800% growth in 2014 and more than 40% traffic coming from Mobile devices, it’s time for merchants to go mobile”, says Satya Krishna Ganni, Founder and CEO of MartMobi in closing."

“We are excited that MartMobi is working with Shopify to help Indian merchants seamlessly transition to mobile at an appropriate price point," said Vargab Bakshi, Partner Manager for Shopify India.

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