Amazon to release new ad-supported video streaming service


Early next year, E-commerce company Amazon will release a new ad-supported video streaming service, reported the New York Post, citing sources.

The service will be separate from the company’s $99-a-year Prime membership, which includes a video service. However, the New York Post report did not say if the new service would be free or chargeable. Amazon’s Prime service costs $99 a year.

The new service will compete directly with Hulu and Netflix, whose charges start at $7.99 a month for customers in the United States.


Earlier it was reported that Amazon might discontinue operations in India. Amazon has said that it sees “substantial uncertainties” in interpretation of Indian laws, which could impact its business in one of the world’s fastest-growing multi-billion dollar online shopping market.

Amazon has also said that if its international activities were found in violation of any existing or future China or India’s laws or regulations, its businesses in those countries could be subject to fines and other financial penalties, have licences revoked, or be forced to shut.

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