Zohraa.com Offers Some ‘Real’ Diwali Discounts and Other Goodies


Zohraa.com has just created a bevy of offers for the festival season and has rolled them out one after the other. They are offering IPADs, discounts and a host of other offers on their products. Anarkali suits, Salwar Kameez, Sarees are all available online at never before prices at Zohraa.

We asked Pramod Rathi, partner at Zohraa.com if these discounts were actually price increases and then cuts. “We have not been adopting a strategy which other shopping sites use frequently. We have believed in a steady price strategy and any discounts offered are more an effort to celebrate the occasion with our customers than to drive sales. We simply cut our margins when we offer discounts and want the customer to feel secure on our website and always wanted."


“This is not to say,” adds the commercial head Vibhor Tikiya, partner at Zohraa.com “that there is no commercial angle involved. We will be offering an IPAD to the maximum sale generator this season. So if someone has the one who has made the maximum purchase on Zohraa, we will offer him an IPAD absolutely free. This particular campaign is to drive sales and give the customer a souvenir from our side rewarding his loyalty.”

Real discounts on shopping websites are hard to come by these days and customers get fooled into buying more than what they wanted.

“That can’t be the purpose” adds Sanjeev Jain. “There has to be a level of trust and a purpose beyond the numbers. They are people who have trusted you enough to believe that they are buying at a discount. So we don’t play with their emotions. Zohraa.com wants to be the leading player in selling occasion wear like Anarkali Suits, Sarees, Salwar Kameez but we don’t want any sales got by deceiving anyone.”

“It’s not that we don’t have dissatisfied customers. We have a few but we try and attend to them as much as we can.” says Darshit “The trick is to minimize these numbers and try and do everything in your capacity to improve their experience. The rest, as they say, is on God’s Grace.”

Zohraa.com is fast becoming the preferred option for retail in the occasion wear segment and a trusted women’s wear brand which only gives ‘real’ offers.

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