Victoria Beckham launches her first ever store


“I want to be as famous as Persil Automatic” These famous words can be found in Victoria Beckham’s 2001 autobiography ‘Learning to Fly’.

And the business women like Persil Automatic, is definitely a household name. Slowly Victoria Beckham has transformed her career from pop star to fashion designer and in between all of that (with the help of her husband) become a world brand. Yesterday saw the launch of her first ever store on the exquisite Dover Street, in the heart of London, despite showing her collection as part of New York Fashion Week. However there was never any doubt that Victoria’s first store would be in London. (Perhaps this store may result in Victoria finally bringing her show to London next Fashion week.)

Unlike many other high fashion brands that are now neighbours to her store, Victoria Beckham has promised to run a store where customers and fans feel comfortable walking in and shopping. We have all been in a store at some point in our lives where we have felt out of place and as if we shouldn’t be in there. Victoria has paid special attention to this aspect of high end shopping boutiques and recognised how some customers may feel reluctant walking into her new store. In result she has hand picked all of the sales assistants herself and ensured her store wont be a snooty boutique, she wants people to feel welcomed; “It’s my way of saying thank you – and not just to fashion people but to the public who have come on this journey with me.” Victoria wants to make it clear that she is not trying to be like anyone else, she is just trying to be herself.


The Victoria Beckham global business worth millions consists of four separate women’s collections, ranging from £5,000 dresses to £250 sunglasses. She has purposely created both very high priced and exclusive pieces as well as a more affordable one, thereby tapping into all aspects of the consumer market.

The new store is set out over three floors and was designed by Iranian architect Farshid Moussavi. Victoria ensured she created a place where men also felt comfortable shopping in there alone for their partners. Being a mum herself she has paid special attention to features such as fittings rooms being wide enough to fit a pushchair. Evidently the style icon has poured her heart and soul into this place and with her clothing brands reporting turnover sales of £15.4 million in 2012 before even having a stand alone store, the ex Spice Girl has certainly achieved what everyone said she wouldn’t.

However yesterday’s store opening saw her supportive Husband attending the store instead of the Fashion icon herself. Instead Victoria Beckham was in New York being made a UN ambassador in the fight against Aids, after bring appointed as an official goodwill ambassador for the cause.

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