George at Asda launches George Plus


Supermarket retailer Asda has launched a line of plus sized clothing that is set to be one of the cheapest plus sized ranges on the high street.

The capsule collection consists of 35 pieces ranging from tights priced at £4 to a smart textured blazer costing £16. You could easily buy a whole new outfit for less than £50. Other notable pieces from the collection include a Breton striped top, floral skater dresses and Paris inspired printed tops. Keeping the silhouette in mind, George at Asda have created flattering female clothing that is easy to wear for many occasions. Not wanting their shoppers to compromise on style, the collection includes colours, motifs and a range of patterns.


The line came about after customers complained they struggle to find fashionable and affordable clothes in larger sizes. Asda offers cheaper alternative to their competitors Evans and Asos Curve with their clothing being a fraction of the price. Plus sized fashion is becoming increasingly main stream as the average UK clothing size has increased from 14 to 16. George Plus sizes start at 18-20 and goes up to 30-32 depending on the garment.

Asda has also recently been ranked as the second most popular place to purchase school uniforms. The supermarket has previously teamed up with agency Gleam that looks after bloggers and vloggers to help promote their make-up and clothing ranges. George at Asda also collaborate with Barbara Hulanicki who is the designer behind the iconic sixties brand Biba to create a range of fashionable clothing proving their commitment to their customers and fashion appeal.

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