announced its ambitious plans to expand to the US, Canada and Australia by 2015

Online Coupon marketplace, announced its ambitious plans to expand to the US, Canada and Australia by 2015. The company also plans to target 2 lakh subscriptions by the end of 2014. With more than 1 lakh users already in its kitty, the team has achieved 60% of its target.

The online shopping industry in India is growing at an annual compound growth rate of 33 % which indicates towards the enormous growth of ecommerce in India. International statistics are even more interesting. The explosive adoption of internet and mobile phones in emerging markets will push the global business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce sales to hit $1.5 trillion in 2014, resulting in 20.1% increase in sales as compared to last year.


Kulpreet Kaur, Co-founder, Shop Pirate Coupons said, “These figures further strengthen our decision to take Shop Pirate Coupons international with the domain (which at present is under development). With the right kind of funding in place already, we will be expanding to the US, Canada, Australia by 2015. This will be the largest and one-of its kind expansion any Indian couponing site has ever witnessed.”

The online couponing company, which currently features more than 5000 offers from over 500 leading retail brands, has released fully-operational Coupons mobile apps for iOS and Windows platforms.

Currently, there are 27 million mobile phone users in the urban India, and if we consider Tier II and Tier III cities, this figure shoots up drastically. And the needs of these mobile shoppers are considerably different from those of the regular shoppers. They need everything quick and on the go. Thus, in the present scenario, it is challenging for any e-tailer to survive the market competition without catering to mobile audience.

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