Twitter tests "buy" purchase button

ads is launching a mobile e-commerce servers to it's users – when browsing ones timeline there is currently the chance you will come across a “buy” button. When selected, you are given further product details as well as shipping and payment options, followed by an order confirmation. The move displays Twitter's attempts to make the site more lucrative. For the launch they have gone into business with brands Fancy, Stripe, Gumroad and Musictoday.


Presently the feature is just a test, with only a small amount of brands being able to use the “Buy” button at the moment – some examples being Burberry, The Home Depot and Eminem. Twitter blogged regarding the security of the payment process:

“Your payment and shipping information is encrypted and safely stored after your first transaction, so you can easily buy on Twitter in the future without having to re-enter all of your information. Of course, you can always remove this information from your account. Your credit card is processed securely and won’t be shared with the seller without your permission.”

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