Topshop and Topman partner with Zalando


British brands Topshop and Topman will launch on the fast-growing fashion website Zalando. This will happen in September and is part of the brands’ expansion drive, as they will launch in selected European countries, not including the United Kingdom.

According to RetailWeek Topshop has long been a target of Asos – which you could call the British rival of German fashion site Zalando – but Topshop has so far opted not to sell its clothing on the website of Asos. Dedicated online shops for Topshop and Topman, both owned by British multinational retailing company Arcadia, will open on Zalando and offer a broad assortment of clothing, footwear and accessories. Customers can have their orders delivered for free, while returning goods also won’t cost them a penny. The selections will be updated every two weeks.


‘The right stile for our European customers’
How many different products of the brand there will be at Zalando, David Schneider, member of Zalando’s management board, did not say. But he was the first to say Topshop was a perfect match for Zalando. “Through working with brands as trend-driven as Topshop and Topman, Zalando gains momentum as the leading online fashion destination providing the right styles for our fashion-conscious customers in Europe.”

The British labels will initially start in Zalando’s core markets such as Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland, but no in the United Kingdom. To kick off the campaign, which will showcase the variety of the British brands’ autumn 2014 collection, Zalando is collaborating with twelve international bloggers from different cities throughout Europe.

Schneider also announced Zalando will offer other trendy labels on its website for the upcoming autumn and winter collection, but he didn’t say which brands. “There’s a still a lot in the pipeline.”

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