Samsung Galaxy F (S5 Prime) rumor round-up: specs, images, price and release date


Samsung seems to be preparing to break new ground: that of ‘premium’ metal smartphones, and the first device in that new family is expected to be the Galaxy F (also referred to as the Galaxy S5 Prime).

The Galaxy F is often said to be Samsung’s antidote for Apple’s iPhone, the industry’s poster child in terms of looks and style. While earlier Galaxy smartphones have always packed cutting-edge silicon, their plasticky build put them at a disadvantageous position when it comes to style. The Galaxy F (where the F, many speculate, stands for ‘Fashion’) aims to change that image. It won’t be just about looks, of course - with anticipated launch in the fall, the Galaxy F could benefit from the latest silicon like the Snapdragon 805, and go on an equal footing with Apple’s iPhone almighty.

Samsung’s long road to a premium phone: metal back and slim bezel

Samsung Galaxy F (S5 Prime) rumor round-up: specs, images, price and release date
But first, let’s talk about design. Visually, the Galaxy F is actually not a huge departure from the current Galaxy S5 - the buttons, the Samsung logo, even the finger scanner, slight camera hump, and heart monitor - everything is in the shape and place where we’re used to seeing it in the S5.


The most notable difference is, of course, the metal back. Gone is the ‘perforated’ soft-touch back - the Galaxy F is expected to deliver full-on brushed aluminum, a material with more premium feel and better heat dissipation properties than plastic. The second highlight of the F is the much slimmer bezel and the much improved screen-to-body ratio. We cannot be sure about the actual size of the Galaxy F, but it sure looks very compact for its size.

Finally, an AMOLED display with accurate colors?

Reports so far all agree that the Galaxy F will come with a super high-res Quad HD (1440 x 2560-pixel) display. Rumors fly around that Samsung will also up the screen size slightly to 5.24 inches, but given the most recent announcement of the Korea-only S5 LTE-A with a 5.1” Quad HD panel, it seems that the Galaxy F might also sport a 5.1” screen. We've already seen the first wave of Quad HD phones like the LG G3, and the improvement in sharpness is barely even noticeable. We should also note that recently rumors have also sprouted about an iPhone-sized premium device by Samsung with a 4.7" device. We don't know whether that has anything to do with this rumored Galaxy F, but it's something to keep in mind.

What’s much more important, though, is Samsung’s recent strides in brightness and color in its AMOLED displays. After years of having to put up with dim and inaccurate (often greenish) AMOLED screens, we've seen Samsung finally hit nearly perfect colors in its latest Tab S tablets, and we're hopeful to see the same kind of color accuracy in the Galaxy F.

Top of the line specs: Snapdragon 805 makes a debut

With an expected fall release date, Samsung will have the option to ship the Galaxy F with the latest and most powerful Qualcomm chip - the Snapdragon 805, the crown jewel for its Krait processor family and a huge step forward for mobile graphics with the new Adreno 420. It’s a quad-core chip with the Krait 400 boosted to up to 2.7GHz, and the GPU running at 600MHz peak.

Samsung Galaxy F (S5 Prime) rumor round-up: specs, images, price and release date
Qualcomm is moving to a new architecture with 805, with no modem on-die, and with hugely increased memory bandwidth.

The end result is an improvement of 20% in power efficiency and up to 40% boost in performance over the 800, according to Qualcomm.

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