Android Wear is Preventing Users from Installing Purchased Apps


Recently Google launched Android Wear which supported some limited health applications, but now it is preventing the users to installing paid apps. The problem first reported by Android Police, “ It seems the Android Wear install process runs into a road block with paid apps because it doesn’t know how to extract the file of the encrypted apk. Since the installer fails to recognize the payload, it assumes there is nothing to install and silently aborts.”But Google encrypts paid apps in a way that ties them to specific devices and this encryption is currently blocking paid app installations. While most Android Wear apps currently available are free, this is a problem for Google, as well as developers and users. The problem is expected to be fixed in the future, but until then, users should avoid downloading paid Android Wear apps.

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Mashable says: If you download Runtastic’s Android app from Google Play, for example, its Android Wear counterpart will automatically download. At least it should. Where users are encountering issues is when they try to download a paid Android Wear app.

Google has not yet commented on the issue or revealed whether a fix is in the works. The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Android Headlines says: This seems like a surprising bug to miss but when you look at the big picture it isn’t all that bad. There are really only a handful of paid apps available for Android Wear, so there isn’t much that users are being prevented from installing. On top of this, the bug had only been noticed in the past couple of days. Rest assured Google will be fixing the issue as soon as they can, and it may be possible that this bug could be squashed before most of the users who had ordered their Android Wear devices actually receive their orders, it all depends on how quickly Google can remedy the problem.

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