Rotimatic: World’s First Robot Roti Maker


Pranoti Nagarkarand & Rishi Israni, Founders at Zimplistic product design company, have launched a robot roti maker machine named Rotimatic. It looks like a photocopier and can make one roti per minute. The machine is in production. It weighs around 18 kg and will be live in 2015 at a price of USD 600.
The machine consists of 10 motors, 15 sensors and 300 other parts. Nagarkar said she decided to create the robot after getting tired of the time it took to make rotis. If we analyse the design of the Rotimatic, the square robot is slightly more than a foot long, wide and tall.

While using the Rotimatic, users need to put the ingredients – flour, water and oil in the containers and then attach it atop the robot. Then, the device heats at about 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The user has to select the thickness of the roti and oil content on a small LCD screen to get it started. It makes Rotis, Chapatis, Tortillas from flour and water at the click on a button.

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