Primark Is Set To Launch In America


America, get ready: Primark is coming for you.

That's right, our favourite budget high street retailer is making a move across the pond, with plans to open its first stateside store in Boston, Massachusettes in 2015.

Primark has expanded massively since it started life as Penneys in Dublin in 1969, with a current total of 270 stores in nine countries – and its about to make it 10.


Known for its rock bottom prices, Primark has enabled the cash-strapped and fashion hungry to keep up with trends without breaking the bank. While other UK stores have had trouble breaking the US market, Primark is confident that the US will prove a hit for business.

And with a focus on the season's key trends, we've no doubt we'll be seeing our American friends in Primark's finest in no time.

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