Kenneth Cole first brand to use Google Glass to market its products

American clothing designer Kenneth Cole has become the first brand to use Google Glass to market its products.

The campaign, titled ’21 Days, 21 Deeds’ invites the public to complete a daily deed every day for three weeks, share their achievements on Google Glass and #manupformankind.

Examples of deeds include overtipping a waitress, taking a photo for a tourist and picking up rubbish and is aiming to attract attention to Kenneth Cole’s new ‘Mankind’ fragrance.


Currently only a few thousand people own a Google Glass which has a 5 megapixel build-in camera with 720p video capture. The wearable tech category is currently emerging but has been met with excitement from retailers such as Dixons Retail and Argos who brand it “great technology.”

The news comes as Ring managed to raise almost £500k through Kickstarter. The wearable technology, which will be compatible with Google Glass, allows people to turn on lights in their home, make payments and write texts with the flick of a finger.

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