New Look announces to launch first two flagship stores in China

New Look announced the launch of its first two flagship stores in China on February 28th 2014.

Showcasing its British heritage, the Chinese stores are branded 'New Look London' with a new logo. Each are situated in its proper distinct location, the Glory Mall, Beijing and the Cloud 9, Shangai. Eight stores are expected to follow suit this year in March and April. Meanwhile, its chief executive officer, Anders Kristianesen, has also stated that the firm plans to open 20 stores in China by March 2015.

To connect with its Chinese customers, the retailer is using Chinese micro-blogging network Weibo and micro-messaging service WeChat among various other digital campaigns.

New-Look-announces-to-launch-first-two-flagship-stores-in China

The stores consists of fitted interactive Magic Mirrors in the changing rooms enbaling customers to create a custom look and to also photograph their favourite outfits. The digital mirros also allows customers to share their looks via social networking websites and in return help Asian consumers to associate with the brand. New Look launched a language specific, tailer made online store: in order for it to be established in the country.

According to Kristianesen, the store is being well received by the Chinese customers and it is being in terms of price and quality the brand is being compared with Zara and H&M.

Currently, the international fashion brand has 600 UK stores and 200 stores in Europe, the Middle East and South Asia and aims to launch stores in Germany, Poland and Russia

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