HomeShop18 launches new Shopping Makes Me Happy jingle


E-tailer HomeShop18 in association with MindShift Interactive, a digital marketing and research firm, has completed a Social Media campaign to create a buzz for HomeShop18’s new ‘Shopping Makes Me Happy’ jingle. This social media campaign aimed at bringing out a unanimous opinion asking people what makes them happy.

An official statement claimed that the campaign garnered an overall outreach of 23 million users across social media, trending for over 24 hours across India and engaged a total outreach of 816,532 on Facebook, 636, 540 on Twitter and 240,000 on Instagram. It added that the success of this campaign was defined by the use of a generic hashtag and personalized caricatures that resulted over 5000 organic views for the video which contained HomeShop18’s jingle.


The campaign was built in 5 phases with Twitter conversations revolving around happiness and excitement amongst key opinion leaders& vibrant digital enthusiasts. The interactions started with influencers exchanging tweets with reasons and people that made them happy across Twitter.

Simultaneously HomeShop18 announced the ‘Shopping Makes Me Happy’ jingle video using the hashtag #MakesMeHappy.

As a part of the campaign each person who tweeted about the new video was gifted a personalized caricature on his/her timeline. MindShift went on to create a ‘Caricature Video’. The video was made on-the-go and was a compilation of the tweet caricatures, happy moments uploaded by followers and with the new jingle playing in the background. This was shared across the social media realm by HomeShop18’s platforms on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and of course YouTube, giving a total of over 5500 organic views within three hours.

Zafar Rais, CEO of MindShift Interactive, said, “We leveraged social media’s greatest need-Conversations, and accelerated that with surprise elements to break away from the clutter. A mixture of influencers, caricatures and creating on-the-go videos added to the uniqueness of our #MakesMeHappy campaign resulting in the attention of 23 million individuals across social media.”

Vikrant Khanna, Chief Marketing Officer, HomeShop18, said, “To break away from the clutter, it’s important for a brand to keep innovating, and with HomeShop18 that’s how we create benchmarks. The brief was towards letting everybody know about our new positioning and embedding our Shopping Makes Me Happy jingle in their minds. The response and conversations we saw online is evidence of the success it achieved.”

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