Citrus Pay has launched Citrus Cash app


Online payment gateway Citrus Pay has launched Citrus Cash app to address the problem of small denominations of cash and loose change. This application is available on all mobile browsers and the web free of cost.

The users need to sign up at for an account or download the Citrus app from the Google Play Store and load an amount of their choice via a credit card, debit card, or directly from their bank. This e-wallet will allow user to make payments ranging from as little a value as Re. 1 to up to Rs. 10,000, which is also the maximum amount that can be loaded into this wallet.


This application not only lets the users load money and use it for various payments but also allows them to transfer it to their specified bank accounts.

The app also offers a payment history allowing the users to view all their past transactions to keep a track of their spending patterns.

Satyen Kothari, Chairman/ Founder, Citrus Payment Solutions Pvt. Ltd., said, “Our new app is set to revolutionize the way people will now transact with small denominations of money. India has grown rapidly and the need of the hour is to transform the way we make and receive payments. Citrus Pay went to the root of the payment problems and firmly believes that mobile/e-payments are the future with the growing mobility of Indian populace. Now, college students, family members, work colleagues can all replace the need for cash and the headache of dealing with change. They can split bills for lunches, canteens, outings and much more in a couple of seconds flat. This product is for the new India and the new Indian.”

Users using this app can make payments even to those who may not be Citrus account holders.

Jitendra Gupta, CEO/Founder, Citrus Payment Solutions Pvt. Ltd., said, “Fake, obsolete and damaged notes can never again bring a wrinkle to your forehead with the use of our new application. This application which utilizes the RBI licensed Citrus Bank will ensure that you never discredit your credits and debts. Going a step ahead, this application will also ensure that loose change is always on hand without making your wallet heavy.”

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