aFREAKa has acquired the website

Cape Town clothing brand, aFREAKa, has acquired the website for an undisclosed amount. The site has generated and referred more than 85,000 sales enquiries to more than 20 local suppliers for the latest fashion craze, the adult onesie.

The onesie jumpsuit, which saw a 2000% increase in online search demand in just six months last year, has been a young person's favourite for parties, festivals and sporting events, taking the UK, US and Scandinavia by storm with sales of over 35 million units. Even international celebrities Justin Bieber and Rihanna were snapped wearing theirs in Cape Town whilst touring last year.


Launched by marketing and media group One Up Media in February 2013, the online brand has been instrumental in the growth of the trend in South Africa. The site had been supported closely by the company's agency division, One Up Agency, which drove partnerships with established brands such as Debonairs Pizza, and

The site's founder, Alex Harrington-Griffin, has experienced the phenomenal growth in the UK in 2012 and decided to launch the site in South Africa in anticipation of the trends arrival on local shores. Harrington-Griffin said, "With Australian search volumes hitting nearly quarter of a million a month, we knew the climate and culture here would embrace the craze at some point. It's probably the most 'out there' concept we've marketed and supported, but it taught us a lot about introducing new products from overseas and the role of local collaboration."

aFREAKa's plans for the brand at this stage remain confidential, although the purchase positions the brand to embrace the trend strongly, when it hits its second winter here.

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