Apple opens a new retail store in Dayton


Ohio may be home to the Cleveland Browns, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Cleveland Indians, but for once, the a different part of the state is getting ready to give a warm “welcome home” greeting to a consistent winner.

Apple is currently constructing a new retail store in Dayton that should be opening its doors sometime before the year is out.  The new Dayton location for this Apple store would be the state’s seventh total. Other Ohio cities where Apple stores reside include Woodmere, Akron, Cincinnati, Columbus and Westlake.


This is part of a larger overall effort to expand on Apple’s part, which includes plans to open 30 brand new retail stores this year alone, according to a document filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. However, only 10 of the new Apple Store locations that are slated to open these year will be donning U.S.-based addresses.

 Though an exact grand opening date for the Dayton Apple Store is currently unknown, we’re willing to bet that its doors will open just in time for the kickoff of the 2014 holiday shopping season.

Speaking of kickoffs, at the very least, Dayton-based Browns fans will have somewhere new to hang out this coming winter once the team’s season concludes in October. (Zing!)

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