Wetherlys online has opens revamped website to all new eCommerce functionality


Wetherlys online has opened up their recently revamped website to all new eCommerce functionality. Customers can now buy from Wetherlys from their fully functioning online store. Just a few months ago Realmdigital partnered with Wetherlys to revamp their website, giving it a brand new look, feel, and tons of slick functionality. Since then they've been gearing towards making it fully e-Commerce!

The Wetherlys e-Commerce website was made live on 1 November; before it was even publicly launched it had already seen an excellent uptake in sales online and shows no signs of slowing down. When the website was re-launched in January it was built on the Retail Platform CMS, effectively laying the foundation that would allow Wetherlys to easily add e-Commerce functionality at a later stage. Karen Ingram, marketing executive had this to say on the development; "Wetherlys is beyond excited about the new functionality of the e-Commerce launch on the existing Wetherlys platform. With limited marketing awareness and exposure the e-Commerce division has taken off and exceeded all of our expectations. Thank you to the Realmdigital team for the support and dedication to this project."

Interactive and Detailed Product Pages
Product pages now allow customers to add items to their shopping cart; they are also able to add items to their cart without having to sign in or register an account until they attempt to checkout. Due to the nature of the products in the Wetherlys catalogue, the product pages needed functionality that would enable customers to firstly view close ups of the fabric or stain of the product and secondly, select which variation they wish to purchase. Customers are able to click on a particular variation sample of the product which prompts a pop up of a high-quality close-up image, and also allows the customer to select variations in this way.

Shopping Cart and Delivery
The Shopping Cart allows customers to review and edit their selection of items, they can remove items or change the quantity without leaving the review window. Only checking out prompts customers to sign in or register for a Wetherlys online account. Delivery details are saved to the customers' account, which means they will not have to repeat this step when they purchase from Wetherlys online again. Incidentally, Wetherlys will be allowing free delivery until the end of December for the launch of their e-Commerce website!

Third-Party Payment Gateway Integration
Realmdigital easily integrates with multiple third-party payment gateway systems; Wetherlys chose to integrate with Triloq, the chosen payment gateway used widely within the group. Integration with Triloq enables customers to make payment using a credit card; customers can also make payment via EFT whereby an automated email sent via the Wetherlys Platform sends details of their order to the customer's email address.

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