How to wear Bright colored Tights


Yes, The leggings were all we could see around and along with them came the bright colored tights which i fell  in love with!! I totally adore the look. The teens and any one for that matter can pull this off. This is how you can put those tights together.

Layer them up: Yes wear your favorite colored tights, with a short tee and a long coat on top of it and add a scarf, if you want to wear a long t shirt then go for a short over coat or a long one depending on what you would like to wear but mix them up with layers. which would look amazing.

Wear them with shorts: My personal fave !! Shorts and tights. I love this look. Try with checked shorts and a long tee . Shoes?! Well try wearing heels, ballet, converse too!! Anything. The funkier the better it looks.

Choose the colors : This whole bright look is more of a day time thing than for a evening out so if you want to wear them in the evenings go for darker colors than the bright ones!!

The formal look : If you want to try this look to your work place top it with a blazer:D and make sure the shoes you wear all full colored and make sure you aren’t too colorful try it out!!


So yes, Thats my favorite look. Hope that helps and Tell me how it looked