Fashion trends influencing on the jeans design

Originally, jeans were normally used by workers such as miners, farmers, and even sailors, due to their endurance. Later on, In the United States during the 50s, teenagers and young people started to wear jeans as a subtle form of protest against social conformity. This fact was considered a provocation; for example in some cinemas people in jeans were not allowed. In the 60s, jeans gained acceptance and they become a common item in the 70s, at least to dress casually. Its acceptance has kept growing to the point that now they are part of everyone´s wardrobe.

Fashion trends have being influencing on the jeans design throughout the years; bellbottoms in the 70s, high waist in the 90s, tight leggings, jeans with rips, shorts, etc.

If there is any garment that remains in our closet and will never become old-fashioned they’re the jeans.

One of the reasons they are always in fashion is because they are reinvented every three or four seasons according to new tastes and trends.

One garment of thousand combinations, that´s the philosophy. While in its origins they were manufactured just in blue jean colour, today it´s easy to find them in brightly colours like pink or yellow and the tonality will depend on the season.

But it´s not just about colour, the possibilities are endless when it comes to patterns. Designers have created new combinations according to the trends such as flowers, stripes, dots and prints.

The last innovation in this sense is the production of jeans from recycled materials. Levi’s introduced its eco collection in November known as New Levi’s eco collection, which is the latest for those environmentally friendly ones.

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