Gurgaon Fashion Show at Kingdom of dream


“GFS imbibes at its core the noble causeof fighting against female feticide”

Gurgaon Fashion Show will be held on June 17, 2013 at Kingdom of dream, Gurgaon, Haryana, India, as an initiative of VSM Live Media Entertainment, Anisa Media Ventutres and Red Couture.

It will be a five-hour affair where over 15 fashion designers and 15 jewellery designers will congregate to showcase their collections in three shows (Established Designers, Aspiring Designers and Sponsor Show).


The participation of Bollywood celebrities and personalities from the fashion industry will make it one of the most glamorous affairs, not only in the City but also in the Country.

GFS provides a platform for both established and upcoming talented designers to showcase their riveting collections. This gives them excellent business opportunities from both domestic and international buyers. In addition to facilitating the exchange of ideas and networking interactions between designers, buyers and affiliates, the event provides an enriching experience for everyone.

But fashion is not the only reason behind the event. Since the protection of girl child has become an eating issue in the country, GFS has taken an initiative to spread awareness about the cause, where a 5-minute video, showcasing the importance of girl child in our country, will be run during the event.

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