The Wild Wild Masai Market's Fashion

I know I'm several months late with what I'm about to say but how amazing is Oliver Twist by D'Banj? Let's have a moment for D'Banj's awesomeness.

I wore this outfit on Sunday where I spent my afternoon with my mother at Maasai market and later watched The Amazing Spiderman with a friend. Let's be honest here, if you've watched one Spiderman, you've pretty much watched them all.

For the sun lovers out there or just plain warm blooded people} who are currently living in Nairobi, how jealous are you of the above moment considering how cold it's been lately? That, dear friends, is me basking in the sun. And to think I dared to complain about how hot it was that day.

Happy Hump Day people :) Any exciting plans? I'm sharing a Dorman's red velvet cake (RVC) with a friend after work - that pretty much sums up my exciting plan for today. Maybe even the week.

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