Chile welcome the first edition of the International Fashion Show


With the aim of providing a gateway for European apparel and fashion brands to enter the South American market,  Chile will welcome the first edition of the International Fashion Show.

The event will take place at the Espacio Riesco, in the center of the Chilean capital, which will allow distributors to gather from all over Chile, as well as professionals from neighboring countries such as Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Colombia. It is solely for accredited professionals of the fashion industry, textiles, footwear, handbags and accessories, as well brands and exhibitors as dealers and customers.


Organized by the IFS‘s team consisting of Spanish and Latin American fashion experts, designers, editors and specialists, the event will have manufacturers showcasing various products including ready-made garments, textiles, handbags, accessories and more.

According to the organizers, Chile was chosen because the country does not impose any tariffs on clothing imports, which makes it a good platform through which manufacturers can distribute to other Latin American countries.

The three-day event will also have a special space dedicated for European apparel manufacturers and fashion designers to interact with Latin American buyers in order to establish business contacts.

Chile has become an extraordinary market of fashion, and as a group of people motivated and dedicated to their work, who share a modern vision for the fair, the event will surely give rise to many more people interested in fashion.

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