Ethical fashion designers in Malawi


Mayamiko Trust is a young (established in 2008) charity organization based in UK. They connect ethical fashion designers with local communities in Malawi. The organization supports disadvantaged women through the Mayamiko Cotton Project, teaching them how to sew, knit and tailor. The sponsorship of trainees at The Fashion Lab can also be done by everyone through the website: you can also collaborate to buy a sewing machine.

But the core of the brand is, of course, clothes: t-shirts, skirts, shorts, dresses, clutches… all realized by fusing together contemporary design and traditional African techniques.

The collection is made of batik and dip dye cotton, which has been hand dyed especially by a local craftsman.

Mayamiko, as a "Fellowship 500" member of the Ethical Fashion Forum, is working towards securing their place as innovators within the UK and global fashion industry.


Their " ethical promise" is able to be read via their website.


Main key points are:

    •     No forced labor

    •     Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining

    •     Safe and hygienic working conditions

    •     No child labor

    •     Living wages to be paid

    •     No discrimination

    •     No excessive working hours

    •     Regular employment to be provided

    •     No harsh or inhumane treatment

    •     Training and development of employers

    •     Meal/transport support when necessary

    •     Life skill sensitization and individual support

    •     Support to set up independent businesses and co-operatives when desired

Mayamiko Trust was founded by Paola Masperi. After traveling a lot in Africa, she decided to help underprivileged people in Malawi by supporting their creative talents and turning their talents into sustainable activities. Paola goes to Malawi twice a year.

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