Visual Merchandising Specialist Barthelmess Hosted Its Vision Event In June

Visual merchandising specialist Barthelmess once again hosted its Vision event in June, selecting Berlin as this year's location. The event led guests on a tour of Berlin, exploring different perspectives of the capital. Visits included tours of Mall of Berlin and Bikini Berlin, the latter a new type of concept shopping mall that opened in 2014.
Guests heard from a number of key speakers. Marc Blum, director, creative design at ECE Projektmanagement, discussed 'Shopping Centre Perspectives That Matter'. He said shopping malls need to be 'cool, interesting and emtionally charged'. Blum said shopping malls need great food experiences; they are now anchor tenants as they drive people in and make them stay. 'Expectations of food in malls have grown quickly.' He also noted that current shopping malls may have to shift to incorporate outdoor experiences, such as rooftops/gardens. 'The challenge is to create authentic food spaces with the limited space you have; creativity is key.'
He then went on to talk about branding, positioning and story telling. 'Every location is completely different – the design must reflect this. Sometimes it's just a logo, sometimes it's the whole plan.'
Dr David Bosshart, CEO of the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute in Rüschlikon/Zurich, discussed 'Megatrends in Economy and Society'. He discussed how mobile has raised customer expectations. 'Your smart phone is a remote control to the whole world; it's an experience machine. Retail must adapt. The more you rely on technology, the more we need the power of imagination. The problem is not a lack of technology, it's a lack of imagination.'
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