Mrs. India Home Makers 2017 Destination North-East

Beauty pageants in India have become vestigial pieces of our culture, like top 10 countdowns of our radio chart busters. We all are pretty, young, vivacious, glamorous and complete women. Then why do we need beauty pageants to define our beauties? Beauty has no set parameters or predefined definition. To some dusky is beautiful and to some fair. Why do we have increasing number of beauty pageants in the country is how people view beauty and of the biggest reasons to hold beauty pageants is to celebrate essence of being a woman and honor all the beautiful women on the stage. Every season there are many hopeful candidates waiting to be a part of such pageants? Many women in India cannot travel long distance. Mrs.India home makers in their first season, discovered that in small towns , women have immense talent but they are not able to travel so long to metro cities due to family commitments. This season Mrs.-India-home-makers travelled to north east India and give chance to many many talented women.
This season’s theme was Be-loved,  be in love with yourself, It’s high time that women should also start looking after themselves. Malnutrition and Breast cancer are two major diseases that today women are facing. And the only reason for this is that women take good care of their husband and their children but do not prioritize their own diet and nutrition value.
Mrs. India Home Makers is not just a beauty pageant but it’s a vision and a dream. Many Indian women dream to be beauty queen but because of family opposition and orthodox Indian society their dreams get crushed. India women get married and again get busy with upbringing of children and house hold work. Mrs. India Home Makers is one beauty pageant that celebrates the essence of being a woman. One evening of glitz and glory is dedicated to the woman hood. Every season 40 talented women join hands in hand and walk the stage. Walk the ramp in designer clothes like super models, our Indian Home makers make their way to every Indian’s heart. This one evening they live their dream of being a top super model and catch the eye balls of whosewho. This season the age group of contestants varies from 24 years to 53 years. This year ladies from Assam, Meghalaya, Delhi, Orissa, Mumbai, Sikkim, and West Bengal travelled to Guwahati to walk the ramp of Home Makers.
The event is conceptualized by Naaz Joshi, who has been India’s first TG cover model, and a title holder at India Book Of Records and winner of Miss Queen Mauritius 2007 and Wamba Diva 2014. Graduated from NIFT she has 22 long experience in fashion and glamour industry. She is a fashion designer, choreographer, anchor, grooming expert and a fashion stylist. She drew inspiration of the event when she saw that many Indian women are rejected during the auditions of beauty pageants. She feels that every woman is beautiful, irrespective of her cast, creed, complexion, height and weight. She gives chance to every woman who has dreams and vision in their eyes. The moto of this pageant is to travel all across the country and try to make dreams of as many Indian women as possible. The funds raised during this event goes to our ngo called THE WOMAN run by our producer Ms Joshi.
Mrs. India Home makers took place on 5th October, at ITA Machkowa, Guwahati. The event heldphoto shoots for all the contestants, designer costumes by four big designers of the North- East, Hansini, JyotiKashmiri ,MoonmeeBarua and Yura Mary .The show was directed by ace fashion director DipankarKashyap, host for Mrs India home makers was hotel bikash inn and fooding partner was urban 
The event was divided into three major categories, Personal Interview, question answers round and evening gown round, almost every lady shined that evening .
Where as major 7 major awards went to
Mrs India home makers *(UNDER AGE 35):-
Winner- KRISTI DAS from Delhi
Mrs India Home Makers Classic *(ABOVE AGE 35) :-
Winner:-NEHA AGGARWALfrom Delhi
1st runners up:-RATNA DASGupta from Meghalaya
2ND runners up:- KIRAN BOROfrom Assam
The show was judged by young entrepreneur who also bagged entrepreneur of the year award MrJ.p Roy, ace fashion designer MrsSantasreeMullickbhuyan, Eminent journalist and editor in chief of famous magazine Nandinimrsmaineemohonto, fashion designer and choreographer Mrprashanttghosh and National director of mrsindia home makers MsNaazjoshi.
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