Carpet: Essential Ornaments For Your Floors

The outlook of a space sometimes solely depends on the way it is decorated – properly placed accessories give the space a nice welcoming vibe. Whether it's a house or an office, apart from the furniture, some elements are needed to bring life to the space.
Vases, show pieces and flowers are an absolute must. We tend to always take care of decorating the nooks and the corners of a space, which results in the most ignored part being the floor. A room feels incomplete without a nice carpet complementing the curtains and the wall-hangings. 
There is a system of covering the entire floor space with carpets, which is widely done in the West. But it is not wise to get into that trend as Bangladeshi weather does not support having fully carpeted floors. The humidity and the summer would just not allow it. Hence it is smart to pick certain areas to place carpets or rugs on, for example, in the living space, or the sitting room, or in front of the bedroom door.
Carpets are not only necessary for decoration, but they also make the floor comfortable to walk on, especially during winter mornings. If placed on the side of the bed, waking up and putting your feet on the warm carpet would be pure bliss on those chilly mornings.
There are various types of carpets found in the Bangladeshi market. There are always the imported ones, but the carpets made by our industry look the most comfortable and homely.
Bangladesh is known famously for jute carpets. There are various companies which produce carpets made from jute, like the Bengal Carpet Ltd and Ismail Carpet Industries, to name a few. There are various stores around the city where carpets can be bought or ordered for buying. In areas like Elephant Road, there are a lot of shops available, and there is a large variety of options and designs to choose from, as well as colours and patterns of various types.
Carpets are sort of a necessary item for your floor. It is an affordable accessory for the floor which almost anyone can purchase. The small rugs start from as low asTk400 and the prices go up according to the size and the quality. The proprietor of Mishu Carpets Ltd in Elephant Road stated that their jute carpets are priced per yard, and their price starts from Tk130 per yard. 
It is always wise to choose carpets keeping in mind the décor of the room the carpet is going to be placed in. Going for contrasting coloured carpets is not always a good idea, but then again if the room in question is big and has enough open space, you can always play with some colours.
Any coloured carpet actually looks nice if it is teamed up nicely with the other elements of the room. For example, for the living space, one can choose the carpet keeping in mind the colour and the prints of the sofa and the curtains so that a nice symmetry is created. For the bedroom, the curtains and the carpet should be in sync, contrasting colours like maroon and yellow would definitely not look nice. 
Keeping the floors bare and empty does not always look pleasant. Carpets add some colour and design to the floor giving the entire place a nice vibe. Use carpets to adorn the floors and make them unique.
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