Boy Band 2PM Taecyeon Looks Comfortable And Cozy

Boy band 2PM’s Taecyeon is featured in the April issue of Allure Magazine. In the picture spread, Taecyeon is dressed comfortably in simple t-shirts, jeans, and stylish sleepwear. 
In April, 2PM will celebrate 10 years since its debut. The singer revealed his thoughts on his experience in the entertainment industry so far. 
“I think I would have had a very different personality if I went solo instead of joining 2PM. I’m able to enjoy my work now because I have had my fellow 2PM members from beginning.”
Taecyeon also revealed his plans to begin his military service next year. “It is my duty as a Korean citizen to serve in the military. I’ll enjoy myself before I enter the service.”
The singer will participate in 2PM’s Japan tour which starts in April.More details on Taecyeon’s photo shoot and interview are in Allure Korea’s April issue and on its official website. 
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