6 Of The Best Mens Winter Boots

Chukka-ing It Down
The wet weather commute poses a conundrum. Do you opt for rainproof shoes and sacrifice style for dry socks? Or is squelching through the morning worth not trying to pair a suit and galoshes? Ponder no more, thanks to this chukka, from Reiss’ collaboration with US shoemaker Allen Edmonds.
It’s crafted from cordovan leather, which isn’t impregnated with the holes that turn your ordinary office shoes into puddle sponges. Just stuff with newspaper overnight so they keep their shape as they dry, and give them at least 48 hours between soakings.
Sole Survivor
The more indents your sole boasts, the less the likelihood of you ending up on your posterior when it’s slippy. But that surefootedness normally means formality takes a tumble instead.
Magnanni’s burnished lace-ups boast an embossed commando sole, which keeps you upright but – from most angles – looks flat. So you can rock them to work, even if your frontline is a computer monitor, not a warzone.
Suede In The Water
Most men will tell you that suede doesn’t wear well in winter. Untrue. Its nap – that’s the raised fibres that give suede its buttery texture – trap air, keeping your toes snug when it’s subzero.
The material is less pally with the wet, as anyone who’s seen their new shoes spoiled by an unsteady wine hand can attest. Which is why preparation is all: a weather app and a regular spritz of suede protector (£10.18, Amazon) should avert most mishaps. If disaster still strikes, you can buff out stains with stale bread crusts.
Green Means Walk
It feels like we say this every year, but military green is trending. For those who still see winter as a time when only black and navy will suffice, ASOS’ heavy-duty boots update your look while still keeping everything else monochrome.
The commando sole will also take anything from snow to wet marble in its stride. Because nothing destroys your street goth sangfroid like taking a tumble.
Feet Heat
There are boots you slip into when the weather calls for long sleeves. And there’s the footwear you call on when snow necessitates digging your way to work. Even if the latter is less regular, everything about these hikers – from the Vibram sole that’s 30 per cent lighter than rubber but strong enough to cope with life-threatening terrain, to the waterproof nubuck upper, or the shearling lining that’s like slipping your feet into a duvet – is your insurance against whatever climate change brings.
Light As Air
Nike’s gift to the boxfresh obsessive who won’t leave the house after October, the sneakerboot is, as its name suggests, a hybrid of trainer and hiker built to boss wet streets.
Here, the flyknit upper gets a waterproofing treatment – keeping your kicks light without risking frostbite – and comes with reflective panels so you don’t end up under a car whose driver didn’t spot your steeze. The risks of that all-black look.

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