Top 8 Street Style Trends From Mens Fashion Week AW16

Street style never fails to impress, and the latest from Men’s Fashion Weeks A/W 2016 around the globe are certainly no exemption. The latest in street style has highlighted a reignited interest in rich, warm colours and materials perfect for inspiring our own wardrobes. We’ve compiled top 8 street style trends from the Autumn/Winter 2016 menswear collections, for authentic inspiration as found on the streets of the fashion capitals.
1. Emerald Green
One of, if not the best kind of green, emerald green has lately stood out as a favourable colour choice in the street style scene across the globe. With its depth and versatility when paired with other traditional hues, this kind of green is the ultimate staple for autumn and winter wardrobes. Emerald green works well for statement jackets and other accessories, but has also enjoyed a revived popularity in suits. Adopt the trend in fitted suit styles and do not fear a brighter take on emerald green to boost 
the modern appeal of your look. Note that this will also annotate your look with a youthfulness so always keep in mind the tone of emerald green you wish to wear.Emerald green scarves also work effectively to lend a jolt of colour to simplistic casualwear, amplifying your looks.
2. Tartan
Reminiscent of private school uniforms, tartan emerges yet again as a popular pattern choice in recent street style looks, featured most prominently in the form of bold suits featuring this classic pattern. Whilst tartans in traditional colours work really well to maintain a classic feel to looks, try experimenting with bolder, brighter versions of tartan for a more vivid take on the trend. Reds, mustards and bold greens are a few examples of bolder tartan colour choices that will leave an impression. A bold tartan blazer will work nicely as a focal point for your outfits, so accessorise accordingly with minimal pieces that will sustain a youthful silhouette. Remember to ensure your tartan clothing choices are well fitted. For a more textured, layered look opt for other vivid colours to complement a brighter tartan and to tone down a brighter tartan jacket, keep everything else minimal and simple in colouring. If you find that rocking a bold tartan suit or blazer may not be for you, try adopting the trend in more subtle accessories  
which will lend a preppy edge without being too full on for your aesthetic, like slim ties or novel pocket squares.
3. Shawl Neck Cardigans
If there is one item of clothing you’ll most certainly need for the colder months, it is a 
great quality shawl neck cardigan. The ultimate staple piece for classic winter style dressing, a shawl neck is the best way to do warmth. The great thing about shawl necks is that they can be worn countlessly. To spruce up a typical t-shirt and jeans combination, use a shawl neck to add a novel touch. If you’re out for dinner or a movie, a shawl neck will ground your look, giving a bit of character to the most simple of 
aesthetics. In many street style looks, we found shawl necks layered over turtlenecks and other cable knit styles reaffirming their usefulness for winter dressing.
4. Shearling
Consistent with the highly textured trend of fur, shearling has also featured quite heavily in current street style. Shearling is usually seen in lighter tones, alongside tans and softer browns. These colour combinations work really well as staple pieces for the colder months, but keep an open mind when it comes to changing up your looks with shearling. Try incorporating the trend with shearling pieces that feature denim for a classic look that is incredibly versatile, particularly for casual looks. Street style also 
demonstrated the darker ways shearling can be interpreted, with blacks and darker charcoals adorning more simple coats.
5. Statement Jackets
Bold graphics and statement phrases emerged as a consistent feature in jackets amongst recent street style looks, emboldened through vivid colours and novel textures. When we refer to statement jackets, it is not simply that these jackets stand out for their colour alone. These are jackets adorned with literal statements and  
bold graphics; the street’s playful take on sartorial propaganda. The trick to really 
pulling off this trend is to commit to your look, so do not fear more bolder jackets which 
will tie in nicely with classic staples for more interesting casual looks.
6. Novelty Sweaters
Whether it is a cartooned motif or a kitsch retro advertisement, novelty sweaters have 
playfully featured on the streets, lending personality to the simplest of casual looks. The key to choosing great novelty sweaters is to really adapt this street style trend to your own personal style. This trend is most useful for casual looks, where you’ve got a bit more freedom to change up your sweaters with a bit more playfulness. That being said, there are a bunch of ways to go about the trend with a bit more of a classic appeal. You can do this by finding novelty sweaters in more versatile and traditional colours. Marle greys featured heavily and work really well to ground looks out, making your outfits more subdued and tame as opposed to overtly wacky and over the top.
7. Felt Fedoras
A common favourite amongst the Autumn and Winter seasonal staples, a great felt fedora works well to add something a little extra to simpler or minimal looks. Reminiscent of older generations where hats were commonly worn everyday, a fedora 
is a subtle nod to old-school dressing. Classic colours like blacks, browns and charcoal greys are versatile and failsafe, working to ground more traditional aesthetics and colour palettes. Keep in mind that brightly coloured fedoras also work really well to ground outfits, lending a bit of colour to the most minimal of looks. Also be on the look out for different styles of fedoras, a more modern take on this hat choice is encouraged, allowing you to update your wardrobe in a simple but visually effective way.
8. Statement Gloves
There’s nothing like a great set of gloves for the colder season. Gloves should not only be prized for their utility in keeping our hands toasty in chilly weather, but also for their 
power to layer looks effectively and their ability to add a bit more dimension to winter  
dressing. With regards to the wide range of different materials gloves come in, it is up to you how you want to interpret the trend. For a slick look, leather gloves will add shine and great dimension to looks, offering a retro feel. For a more playful take on the trend, knitted or woolen versions of gloves work wonderfully and are easily adapted for casual looks. No matter how you adopt this trend, keep in mind what you are dressing for, and nominate a glove choice suitable for the occasion.
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