How To Sexy Cool Lips

An extremely minor beauty drama: You won't be able to stop home after work, but you're not sure if your happy hour look should involve that soft, diffused color you're seeing everywhere or the bold, bright lip that reliably takes you from downtrodden at 5 p.m. to merrily sipping a specialty mojito at 6. Thankfully, it's 2015 and women can have it all, including a rich, matte lip pencil that side-hustles as a blendable stain. Toss the Maybelline Color Blur into your purse now and create either look later, thanks to these easy tips from makeup artist Gabriel Almodovar.
Soft & Casual
1. Create a hydrated base. Exfoliate to remove flakes, then slick on a moisturizing balm like Maybelline Baby Lips Fashion. "It will make sure your lips aren't cracked, which lip color would emphasize," Almodovar says.
2. Color in the bull's-eye. Apply color to the middle of the upper and lower lip. "It's supposed to look like you were sucking on a lollipop — the color is concentrated in the center and dissipates outward," Almodovar says.
3. Blur it out. Using the eraser-like smudger on the other end of the pencil, gently rub back and forth to feather the color toward the edges of your mouth. "It should look like the edges of your lipstick wore off a little, so there's no clear definition to your mouth," Almodovar says. "That's what makes lips look fuller."
If you don't have the Maybelline Color Blur on hand (Shame on you!), you can still rock the subtly sexy look on the fly with a little bit of lipstick. You'll just need to rely on good ol'-fashioned handiwork: After applying lipstick to the center of your lips, blend the color out toward the edges of your lips by patting gently with your finger.
Strong & Bold
1. Prep your lips with moisturizer. A hydrating balm (like Maybelline Baby Lips) will make sure lips stay healthy-looking and plump all night long.
2. Saturate your pout. Apply the lip color as a liner along the edge of your mouth, working carefully so the line stays clean. "Once you've got the outline down, color in the rest of your lips," Almodovar says.
3. Clean it up. To keep the look sexy, not sloppy, use the Color Blur smudger or a soft makeup brush along the edge of your mouth to clean up any color that may have spilled over. "This makes a bold lip look super crisp," Almodovar says. If you had a super steady hand and keen eye in step no. 2, you might be able to skip this step. And if not? Congrats, you're human.
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