13 Smart Styling Tricks to Steal from Zara Style

Yeah, I know, big surprise: A fashion-loving editor is about to gush over Zara. Relax, relax—despite the fact I am close to seeking treatment for my fast fashion addiction, I’m only about to gush over one very specific facet of Zara at this point in time and that’s the incredibly thoughtful styling the retailer’s been using to showcase each and every piece.
From a quirky way to tie a shirt to new ways to layer, these are my 13 favorite styling tricks to steal from Zara right now. Not only are they all incredibly cool, but these easy tweaks can be done using stuff you already have (not that I’m discouraging anyone from shopping). Read and learn!
Wear your bag around your neck.
It might sound silly on paper, but draping a delicate bag around your neck instead of over one shoulder feels so fresh and adds just the right amount of quirk. Just make sure the bag is jewel-like in its construction—this won’t work with your Céline luggage tote.
Hook your bag charm to your belt loops.
I love the idea of taking a bag charm or kitschy key chain and hooking it onto the loops of my pants. This time of year, I’d try it on a great pair of jeans and a tucked-in top.
Pair heavy boots with socks and a dress.
I’m obsessed with the chance to take a heavy pair of boots—combats work, but a pair that look like they’re made for snow feel newer to me—and pair them with slouchy socks and a dress this fall. So cool.
Let your cuffs really peek out.
Zara’s website is filled with cropped sleeves right now—on coats, on sweaters, on dresses—but the stylist consistently adds dimension by layering a shirt underneath. We’re partial to the unbuttoned cuffs of a work shirt peeking out from a knit sweater whose sleeves are scrunched up.
Play with a shirtdress.
A black A-line skirt and a chunky sweater will always look good together—but if you add a long white shirtdress and only let the back trail out, it’s a whole new ball game.
Add a thick knit to overalls.
I’m used to wearing baggy overalls with a super-tight top underneath, to the point where it’s getting boring. Totes trying out a big sweater next time.
Tie a shirt around your waist—weirdly.
I still can’t really tell how, exactly, this stylist tied that shirt around the model’s waist—it almost looks like she tied it around her chest and let the sleeves flop down. Whatever the case, this fall, I’m going to play with new ways to tie a basic top.
Socks and sandals.
I know this particular styling choice is divisive—plenty of women think it’s too frumpy to pull off—but I do think socks add a cool-girl touch (and one that’s daytime appropriate) to dainty sandals and a black dress. This made me want a pair in olive green.
Lose an earring—and add a necklace. 
I love a spunky single-earring look, but I always thought adding any other jewelry was overkill. My mind’s clearly changed on that.
Roll up your coat sleeves.
Lately, I’ve been rolling up the sleeves of my coats and letting whatever I’m wearing underneath hang out—this looks especially cool with a big sweater.
Pair two three-quarters-length-sleeve shirts together.
If you’re not into letting longer sleeves peek out from under a top, this idea—two shirts with the same sleeve length worn together—looks so great.
Layer a turtleneck under a sweater—and belt it.
I’m digging how the two layers really come together as an outfit when cinched with a knotted skinny belt.
Wear a dress over a midi skirt.
With skirts, I’m used to either tucking things in or choosing tops that are fairly cropped, so I’m psyched to try a long-line dress over a below-the-knee skirt.
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