Kashmira Irani turns Fashion Police

Kashmira Irani moved to Mumbai from Pune to achieve her childhood dream and passion for acting when she was 17. Initially she assisted her cousin in fashion designing and worked as an assistant stylist. She started her television career with the hit TV series AMBER DHARA, where she bagged the title role of AMBER. The story was of conjoined twins, and demanded her to be conjoined with her co actor for 8-9 months. She bagged the BEST DEBUTANT AWARD for the same at the Sansui Television Awards. Next she worked on a telefilm based on the 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai called “ Un Hazaaron Ke Naam”, where she played the role of Jyoti – a rich brat and how the attacks transformed her be more socially responsible towards her society. 
Yash Raj Films when diverted into television came up with a series called SEVEN. This series was a story of seven people with supernatural powers and Kashmira played the role of “Varya”, the girl who could control weather. Now, moving away from television Kashmira Irani has decided to show her acting talent onstage with the biggest bollywood musical – ZANGOORA The Gypsy Prince, being staged at the Kingdom of Dreams in Gurgaon. 
In Zangoora she plays the lead of princess Sonali with the likes of Hussain Kuwajerwala and Gauahar Khan. This character has been her most challenging role so far as it’s her first time on a live stage and has also required her to do aerial choreography. Zangoora and her role have been well received by the audiences. Her future plans, she says “has to be films, as that’s the only medium which is yet to be conquered”.
Well Kashmira Irani not just creates magic on screen with her style and beauty, but she is also classy and fashionista in real life.
Thetradeboss recently caught up with the girl and grilled her for a challenging task. "What if you were to be a fashion police, what three styles would you ban," we asked Kashmira. After a long thought, the girl shared some faux pas that one should never make.
Wearing animal leather products are a complete no-no. Not just it showcases cruelty on human, but it also doesn't suit people usually. Inappropriate body piercing looks really cheap and should be avoided at all cost. And finally coloured lenses! It's important to see the real eyes of the person. Eyes are the windows to our soul, so why fake it with a curtain.
Wohooo! We must say girl you are a true rock star when it comes to fashion. So guys and girls, utilise the tips from Kashmira and set your own trend!
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