Women Red Printed Skirts for colorfull life

I am sick of summers already. My clothes (even shorts and skirts) stick to my legs, even with the air conditioning draft blowing right into my hair. My hair goes cuckoo (which I secretly love as it contrasts my boring poker straight hair). And you just get crabby with the heat soaring in general. Thankfully for me, I have discovered the superwoman of clothing. Its like superwoman; utilitarian and life saving, also stylish. The voluminous, beautiful cotton maxi skirts.

They are roomy and airy and if you hit the right spots (no pun intended), you can pride yourself in some beautiful coloured ones with this exquisite block print in metallics. Pair them with contrasting crop tops and you are unstoppable. Well, I am. The hero of this outfit, however, were my new man-repelling tan gladiators which gave my outfit just the right amount of androgyny what with over doze of girly.

Lets face it, I am no super human blogger with a built immune to the 47 degrees of heat outside, so my thanks are due to Smoke House Deli, Khan Market, who were so kind to let us do our monkey business in the middle of their beautiful restaurant. Also the fact that my, Three to tango mocktail served as the perfect prop (both metaphorically and literally) to my threesome in the form of a large floral printed crop top, an Indian influenced maxi skirt in silver block print and my absolute favourite and newly acquired art-deco inspired gold necklace.

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