Modeling Portfolio for Kids in India

Hey parents out there with kids ‘looking good enough to bite’! Does everyone coming across your toddler always become gooey eyed? Does your kid always charm a smile out of everyone? Well then, how about charming the rest of the world. Here is an opportunity. All kids are as cute as buttons, that’s why kids modeling agencies exist, to put all that cuteness into business. Sounds harsh, but it’s actually a profession really! For kids all that is needed for this industry is a modeling portfolio and a bag of cuteness. Well on a more serious note, a portfolio doesn’t exactly mean various poses and snaps at all angles. For kids all that are necessary would be snaps of a smiling pose, a head shot and a full length snap in clear natural light.

Kids have it easy when compared to adult models that need a more professional modeling portfolio. But on the other hand the kids might find it difficult to cope with the pressure and stress. So if you find your kid experiencing inner turmoil, depression or disinterest towards the work, have a comforting talk with them or preferably it would be better to not force them. A successful career at a young age is not worth the joys of a free childhood.

In case they are comfortable with the work then, you can start by contacting a good agency who recruits Indian kids’ models. Initially there would be auditions for kids followed by signing of contract. Always revise the terms and conditions and see if it suits you before finally accepting. Sometimes when immediate casting from agencies is not available there are acting auditions for kids which would give them good exposure and practice.

When it comes to modeling for kids, more scope is there for kids who do not create tantrums and have a charming personality. So kid with the great smile, work on it, and let those pearly whites shine clear and bright!!!!

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